Our Team

Our Pharmacists

Katerina Giagiakou

3rd generation pharmacist. She loves her profession very much and is always there for those who need her.

Olga Stamatiou

The Lead Pharmacist, who is characterized by seriousness and methodicality.

Spyros Theos

Your favorite pharmacist at the Plastira Street pharmacy, always there for you.

Konstantina Theodoropoulou

Our most recent addition. She came to earn your trust.

Our Health & Beauty Consultants

Eleni Villioti

The oldest member of our family. Timeless value, as it has been by our side since 2007.

Kassandra Vogiatzopoulou

Esthetician with a lot of experience who has earned your trust for so many years.

Evagellia Kounoupi

The soul of our pharmacy in Valtetsiou. She has worked with two generations of pharmacists.

Elias Kokkotas

One of the main pillars of our pharmacy. He loves to take initiative and organize everyone.

Amalia Fetani

Responsible for many sections of our pharmacy, tireless and the one who always keeps us beautiful.

Mairi Skourti

Our most recent beauty expert, with a lot of experience and a constant smile on her face.

Malena Mouska

One of the most recent experts, always there to serve you.
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